Awards and contests

XV PAAS Day Award

November 2022

Research field 
Generalitat de Catalunya

Public Health Agency of Catalonia

Award to the best first scientific article (EJE Group)

September 2022

Field of Epidemiology and Public Health

XII Annual Award of the EJE Group

In collaboration with the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE)


Funding Entity: National Plan on Drugs (PNSD)

Project name: Influence of confinement due to COVID-19 on substance use and behavioral addictions in a cohort of high school students.

Principal Investigator (PI): Albert Espelt

Researchers: Teresa Arechavala Roe, Marina Bosque Prous, Francesc Saigí Rubió, Ester Teixidó Compañó, Salomé Tárrega

Funding: 49.624,00€

Funding Entity: National Plan on Drugs (PNSD)

Project name: Patterns of psychoactive substance use in high school students and their relationship with accessibility and exposure to substance promotion: changes during the COVID-19 pandemic in Madrid and Barcelona.

Principal Investigator (PI): Marina Bosque Prous

Researchers: Albert Espelt, Francisca Sureda Llull, Francesc Saigí Rubió, Antoni Baena Garcia, Ariadna Angulo Brunet, Maria Sandín Vázquez, Judit Rogés Olivares, Helena González Casals

Funding: 82.102,82 €